Sergey Petrossov, Founder Of JetSmarter

H. Barnes and Co associate Olivia Innocenti Buckley was recently appointed as a brand ambassador of private jet company JetSmarter. To his credit, Petrossov is very much aware of this factor, and he's already thinking up of ways to essentially democratize this space.” For instance, the app's offering of empty leg” flight deals allows users to fly at rates that are up to 75% less than an ordinary private jet charter.
The idea Sergey Petrossov created with JetSmarter is that members can log in to the app to charter a jet, create a shared charter, or travel on a private jet While the company does not own the jets, it collaborates with a network of charter companies to help users find the best options.

If you compare JetSmarter to Uber , whose app is strictly digital and connects millions of rides a day, JetSmarter has a much higher level of touch because we don't have to connect millions of rides a day, we have to connect thousands of trips a year.
Customers pay an annual fee of $15,000 (£11,547; 13,127 euros), which includes access to some flights free of further charges; for an additional cost they can also arrange flights themselves, and in some cases share the cost of these with other members.

It's been a wild few months for Sergey Petrossov, the 28-year-old founder and CEO of JetSmarter, which hopes to be the Uber of private jet service and has gained high-profile investors like the Saudi Royal Family and Jay Z. In December, it garnered a giant $105 million round of financing that pushed the private company's valuation to $1.5 billion.
Marketing has long been atop the list of priorities for successful companies, and that's even truer now given the digital landscape JetSmarter exists in, which is full of advertising channels and opportunities to connect directly with the consumer base.
As for private aviation, I quickly ascertained that there was something missing from the industry—the ease of booking flights quickly via a mobile app, that's it. With the creation of JetSmarter, we've simplified the booking process, provided free and discounted flights to regular travelers and consumers, and grown the company globally as we continue to solve problems for people.

The ideal created by Sergey Petrossov and team evolved into a concept that delivers a solution for existing travelers and those who fly commercial routes but Sergey Petrossov want added flexibility. Back in the early days, a JetSmarter membership also included free helicopter service to its airports and catering on the flights.
Galvez is no longer using his $97,500 JetSmarter membership. In the Sunshine State , Sergey went to high school and while he was there, Petrossov attempted to start a business that distributed car tire rims. People's lifestyles are continuously enhanced by technology, so Petrossov never stops thinking about how to make the most of all of the gadgets and devices that people have at their fingertips.

Before joining JetSmarter, Sergey Petrossov was operational in co-founding a couple of IT projects, particularly an online chat system and a distance-learning site. Positioned as a "hybrid" to lower costs for existing private flyers, while providing greater convenience for new users, the platform allows members to both schedule flights and book empty seats on existing private jet routes.
The company has a variety of offerings; however, the main reason people book is easy to access to shuttles. Besides, Mr. Petrossov worked at a private jet operator situated in South Florida as a board advisor. By March 2013, JetSmarter officially launched and offered over 3,000 planes that could be booked within minutes.

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